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This application uses Vuforia. So, you must agree with following sentence. If disagree, you can't use this application.
(*) You consent to the collection, storage, and use by QUALCOMM CONNECTED EXPERIENCES, INC. ("QCE") and its affiliates and me of Statistics from this Software and the transfer of Statistics between QCE and its affiliates and me.
  (a) Facilitating the provision of new products, updates, enhancements and other services.
  (b) Improving the Software, and other products, services and technologies.
  (c) Providing new products, services or technologies to me and customers of QCE and its affiliates.

I'm not responsible when you use this application (such as vandalism or accident).
When using this application, check the safety of the surrounding, and mustn't use on dangerous ground (near where cars passes, etc).

Vuforia is a trademark of QUALCOMM Incorporated.


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